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Welcome to Manchester Swingers, we are the only site dedicated to the swinging residents of Manchester and the surrounding towns.

Join us and get access to the large number of swingers who live in the city and surrounding towns.

By joining us you will have access to all the thousands of profiles of local swingers; Couples, Ladies and Men, along with another 5.5 million swingers around the world.

Our sites, like all reputable swingers sites, are aimed at adults over the age of 18. Sadly many people feel the need to take and publish pictures of children. We run a website dedicated to eradicating child pornography, click Here to be taken to the site, have a read, and any help or advice you can give us will be gladly accepted.

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What is Swinging?

what is swinging

Have you heard people talking about swinging and wonder what it's all about? Have a read of this section and join us in the swinging lifestyle.

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Swinging Manners

cuckold your husband

As with any lifestyle, swinging has its rules. They are mostly based on common sense and treating people how you like to be treated.

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Cuckold You Husband

cuckold your husband

Are you a married lady? Fancy making your husbands cuckold fantasies come true? Join us, find a lover and cuckold him tonight.

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Swingers Clubs

Swingers clubs are a great way to meet like minded people in a neutral environment. We have listed all the clubs within about an hour of Manchester.

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Get Laid In The Sun

  • Swing On Holiday

    Fancy a break away from screaming kids, where everyone is out looking for sex with strangers? A swingers holiday is what you need.

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