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Swinging Manners

swinging mannersAlthough not a formal set of rules, Swinging depends upon people using good manners and adherence to a simple set of standards to make the activity enjoyable to everyone. These are based upon what most people regard as normal decent behaviours.

  • Be Polite - treat everyone how you would ideally like to be treated yourself.
  • Respond to everyone who writes to you, even if it is just to say "No thank you"
  • Don't be pushy, if someone declines to meet, don't hold an inquest, move on and contact other people.
  • No one has an obligation to play with anyone. Everyone has the right to say NO, even when you have met.
  • If you agree to meet - show up, or call to say you will not be doing so.
  • Be clean - Shower before you meet, apply deodorant, dress in clean clothes.
  • Be clean - If you suspect you may have any type of STD/STI get yourself tested and treated before meeting with others. If you contract a STD from someone, let them know. If you contract one at a party let the host know and ask them to warn the other guests to get tested.
  • Be Safe - assume that everyone you play with will want to use a condom, take condoms with you, not every swingers club or party supplies condoms.
  • Thank people for meeting and playing with you. No need to go overboard, but the words Thank you mean a lot, and could get you a return invitation. If you are meeting a couple, remember to thank both partners.
  • If you are meeting in a bar, remember to buy your rounds!
  • Don't meet people when drunk or under the influence of drugs. No one wants to play with a drunk, nor with someone who is spaced out. The only drugs which improve or enhance sexual performance or appreciation are Viagra and Cialis. Other drugs just make you think that the other person is enjoying your efforts.